Crossposting tricksters

trickstersWhile I don’t wish to cross contaminate blogs it occurred to me that some readers of this blog may be interested in the story from the edtech.ako blog about Alan Levine who recently visited New Zealand and brought with him some ideas.

When I get sorted I’ll sort how to perfect my partial retweeting skills.


transmedia storytelling

I was reading the Big Idea and I found this item.

A short note but it seems worth following up. It’s about a Masterclass by one Jeff Gomez where he talks about ‘making the elements sing together’.

Ten Transmedia Takeaways are:

Start with the story
Do your homework
Distil the story DNA
Write the Bible
Open up dialogue
Find the aspirational drivers
Engage the visionary/storyteller
Simple themes. Rich variation.
Create emotional connections
Fans curate storyworlds

And serendipitously when you do something for work you find something else too: