Crossposting tricksters

trickstersWhile I don’t wish to cross contaminate blogs it occurred to me that some readers of this blog may be interested in the story from the edtech.ako blog about Alan Levine who recently visited New Zealand and brought with him some ideas.

When I get sorted I’ll sort how to perfect my partial retweeting skills.



wiresThe students in ds106 are expected to watch The Wire – and some of the assignments relate to this series.

I have watched – out of interest – several people tell me it’s great – the first 5 episodes.

At the moment I am having trouble with the ebonics. In the first few episodes some men were saying what they’d do and I had no idea what they intended to do. And I watch a reasonable amount of American TV. Thank god for visual clues. Maori New Zealanders have developed a kind of Maoribonics (not yet categorised I think) in which words like “churbro” and ‘makachilly’ feature – but much of it – like Ebonics – seems to feature body/facial clues like raised eyebrows, head flicks and an integration of Maori words – pinga, hui and tipi haere being some of the few. I’m sure there’s a study somewhere.

The Wire has become more engrossing. But. OK I have developed a kind of affinity with ‘D’ although he may be seriously deranged. And I worry about the young seller on the street (his name has not filtered through to me yet but he had nice corn rows).

Avon Barksdale doesn’t look as if he could string together a meal let alone a drug trafficking ring – and I’d quite like to see more of Idris Elba.

I have warmed to it all. And maybe, just maybe I’ll get to understand the undertones and nuances.

random assignments

One of the tasks in ds106 is to do something for the daily create. I clicked my way through a set of possible tasks but was curious about animated gifs. I did find a daily create that suggested I draw /photograph/create how I was feeling.

I chose to upload an image I had of two boats on friend Andrew’s wall and to cut the image in half. I used a free web-based app called Makeagif to upload the images, decide on the sequence, the timing, the crippling……I pressed a wee button – et voila! A gif.

It is not fabulously wonderful – but it is my first go. I am supposed to upload this to Flickr but I have now lost the number of the assignment so that I can tag this image appropriately.

Slowly but surely. Here it is. Friday afternoon and I feel like sailing away. I guess the next step would be to work out how to embed this into imovie for a story. Manana.

Sailing away on Make A Gif

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

getting there being there


While I am keen to get going on this ds106 MOOC (for the uninitiated Massive Open Online Courses) I have a few things to finish (in my head at least).

About 3 months ago a local Councillor and myself talked with (interviewed is not the right word) a woman – Ngaire Metcalf – who was born a Windley. The Windleys are one of the big families here – having owned one the farms that now make up the suburbs of Porirua. The owners of these farms were: Windleys, Gears, Mungavins, Mexteds, Bothomleys and Sievers.

Many of them married into local Maori families ( Ngati Toa Rangatira) so the mix is very rich.

Ngaire’s audio is long and at times we wander off into other things – which is what happens when you have a connection with someone. I have edited 2 stories and made them into digital stories of a sort ( these are not true dst) and I need to finish another. While I am waiting on Ngaire to ok the first two I sort of wait, hang about. But tonight I will make a start on the final one – about her Paheka family.

In the meantime I have re-activiated a Flickr account ( I prefer Picassa) and tried to sort how to make animated gifs ( that’s new for me) and I’ll now share here one of the stories we did. I like it and I hope she does too.