wiresThe students in ds106 are expected to watch The Wire – and some of the assignments relate to this series.

I have watched – out of interest – several people tell me it’s great – the first 5 episodes.

At the moment I am having trouble with the ebonics. In the first few episodes some men were saying what they’d do and I had no idea what they intended to do. And I watch a reasonable amount of American TV. Thank god for visual clues. Maori New Zealanders have developed a kind of Maoribonics (not yet categorised I think) in which words like “churbro” and ‘makachilly’ feature – but much of it – like Ebonics – seems to feature body/facial clues like raised eyebrows, head flicks and an integration of Maori words – pinga, hui and tipi haere being some of the few. I’m sure there’s a study somewhere.

The Wire has become more engrossing. But. OK I have developed a kind of affinity with ‘D’ although he may be seriously deranged. And I worry about the young seller on the street (his name has not filtered through to me yet but he had nice corn rows).

Avon Barksdale doesn’t look as if he could string together a meal let alone a drug trafficking ring – and I’d quite like to see more of Idris Elba.

I have warmed to it all. And maybe, just maybe I’ll get to understand the undertones and nuances.


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