random assignments

One of the tasks in ds106 is to do something for the daily create. I clicked my way through a set of possible tasks but was curious about animated gifs. I did find a daily create that suggested I draw /photograph/create how I was feeling.

I chose to upload an image I had of two boats on friend Andrew’s wall and to cut the image in half. I used a free web-based app called Makeagif to upload the images, decide on the sequence, the timing, the crippling……I pressed a wee button – et voila! A gif.

It is not fabulously wonderful – but it is my first go. I am supposed to upload this to Flickr but I have now lost the number of the assignment so that I can tag this image appropriately.

Slowly but surely. Here it is. Friday afternoon and I feel like sailing away. I guess the next step would be to work out how to embed this into imovie for a story. Manana.

Sailing away on Make A Gif

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

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