thinking about learning

2014-08-18 09.09.03 I set this blog up to share information and ideas for a local community group with whom I have been making some stories. I have now enrolled in an open course called ds106 from the University of Mary, Washington State. I am still getting my head around the plethora of information to check up on, tweets to follow and things to read, so ‘bearwith’. From scanning the many things to read, do and reflect on I have found a stream that bases some discussion and perhaps assignments on The Wire. This piqued my interest as many friends have suggested I view this series. I got it out of the vid library once but couldn’t stand it. I’d better have another go. Alternatively I did watch Luther – starring the very same Idris Elba. I became totally fixated. Not only is he a handsomely troubled detective in London, he goes about things a little differently, so differently that he forms a (non sexual but titillating) friendship with a psychopath. He also has some underhand buggers in the force who want to see him come unstuck. It’s an engrossing and totally absorbing drama series. You can see a picture of my new couch from which I view this great series. I am also fixated on Mad Men and an Australian series called A Place to Call Home. Now I’d better go and read more of this information and see what I need to do next.

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