using windows moviemaker

Shirley’s story was made using Windows MovieMaker.

Here are the simplest of instructions.

1. Make sure your files are in a folder, clearly named. It’s a good idea to have an audio folder and an images folder.

2. Open Windows Movie Maker.

3. Add assets from the Home tab then Add videos and photos.

4. From the Home tab > Add music, add your audio

5. From the Edit tab order the images by dragging them into place.

6. Add a title and credits from the Home tab.

7. Use the Duration drop down menu/menu box to change the duration of the
images to match the voice.

8. Use the Animations tab to add transitions and visual effects. In general use fade
to avoid overdoing the effects. Click on the image then click on the fade icon. A
triangular shape appears at the beginning of your image, indicating the transition
is in place. Change the duration of your transition using the drop down menu.


9. Choose Pan and Zoom to change the effects on the images. Hover over the
image then click the effect you wish to use. Be careful of overdoing.

10. Use the space bar to activate your movie.

11. Use the Save drop down menu to export your movie. Choose For computer.

12. Save your project.

13. Your project will now be ready to upload to YouTube or view.


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