saving and manipulating images

For this story, which Stephen and I did in 2007 for Auckland Museum, we have made the images the same size and, by using a thing called “Ken Burns” in imovie but a kind of transition in moviemaker, we have moved the image of the letter along for greater interest.

More about those later.

The key idea is that all images should be saved as jpgs. We did use tiffs for this but jpgs are more universally used.

You should also keep file of originals and finals. These finals are the ones that your crop, colour, write on, draw on and use.

It used to matter that there was a size and proportion but I believe now that it doesn’t matter that much. Try and keep images 7×5 / 3×2 proportion.

I generally use iphoto – this is enough to crop, edit and colour images. You might have Paint on your pc – this is easy to use. For more sophistication use Fireworks, or Photoshop.

This image is from a story created by a young woman in Hamilton. To tell her story she used cartoons.


Should you visit Auckland, go and see the exhibition My Country: Contemporary Art from Black Australia. You’ll see some digital productions that use cartoons, reworked imaged and slow release film. Astonishing.

This site shows you how to make cartoons. There are lots of sites that help do this.

For community storytelling, however, keep it simple, keep the number of images low and the manipulation of images to a minimum.


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