using images

Stephen and I did this story 7 years ago when we, as Storyboards, wanted to convince Te Ara that digital stories would be an interesting addition to the online encyclopedia.

Graham dd not have many images but he did have a little piece of video that we edited and inserted. The image of him in Auckland and he and his daughters, of course, are his.

In order to deal with the image issue I checked the ‘net and found one or two. I sought permission for the use of all images, writing expressly to the owner of the traffic image, explaining why I wanted this and sent him a copy of the story. I sourced others from local and or Flickr sites and ensured that I acknowledged the images and sources. It is very very important to use images ethically.

Using the images I have or adapting ones of my own is a more efficient way to use images. Bear in mind that too many images can be distracting so don’t get hung up on them. You can use images and take them apart, look at small bits and use zoom functions on your movie to create interest.

John Ryan’s conversation uses only about 3 images, one I have enlarged and added a circle to so we can see what he is talking about.

Images are important but fewer is better than more.

Here’s another look an an adapted (used for instructions to hair and beauty students) advice.

Sizing, cropping and naming images.
Using music
Using storyboards
Using Windows movie maker
Still to do: Using imovie
Advanced stuff, thoughts and ideas


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