This blog will, I hope be a start to sharing some ideas for communities about telling stories.

I have been working with people to tell stories for a long time, and although I have a Moodle site at work and some YouTube sites I wanted a place to share ideas and skills for people. Primarily in my own community of Ranui, in Porirua.

The image, to start with is my friend Bella, who died in 2007, and whose story I told at her tangi. She always inspired and supported my efforts, encouraging me to talk to her whanau.

I’ve also been doing some tango stories, so to start, here are my YouTube sites.

Tango Community Wellington

Ranui Residents

 Cheryl Brown

As I go along I’ll put some ideas and advice on here. Digital Story Telling emanates form the work of the Center for Digital Story Telling and although I support their views, to be honest I have developed the art more for creating communities and sharing local stories.

I presented a paper about all this at the Relato Digital Storytelling Conference in Valencia in 2012.


More later.


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